TEMPEST project is hosting a free webinar titled EMPOWERING EUROPE: 7 New Battery Research Initiatives.

Join the live event on Tuesday, May 14 from 2 p.m to 3.15 p.m to gain insights into:

  • Innovative battery technologies designed for safety, efficiency, recyclability, and lightweight design.
  • Real-world applications for these innovations in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and more.
  • The expertise of leading researchers from across Europe, with each project presented by its technical coordinator or a member of the technical team.
  • Q&A session where you can ask your questions directly to the researchers.
  • This webinar will focus on the following key topics:
  • The future of battery technology
  • The EU’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions
  • The latest advancements in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage
And will feature the 7 EU-funded projects:
BATSS: Safe and efficient battery systems with advanced cell technology.
EXTENDED: Next generation of multifunctional, modular, and scalable solid-state batteries.
FASTEST: Fast-track hybrid testing platform for developing advanced battery systems.
NEXTBAT: Next-generation technologies for battery systems in transportation electrification.
NEXTCELL: Pioneering the next generation of high-performance lithium-ion battery cells.
TEMPEST: Towards the new generation of safe-by-design, recyclable, high-performance, and lightweight batteries.
VERSAPRINT: Versatile printed solutions for safe and high-performance battery systems.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the future of battery technology in Europe!
Register Now:

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