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Wonder woman gets raped

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The Loop TV Do you like this video? Viewer Discretion is Advised. Raoed include Wanted, Kick-Ass, Wondwr Red Son, Ultimates, and X-Men: Old Man Logan which would later be loosely adapted into the film Logan Millar's body of work in the comic book industry is usually a subject for controversy, since most of his writings are known to be laden not only with political connotations but also gruesome displays of graphical violence. During a talk that allegedly took place on a thread in his own Millarworld forums, Millar stated: "I pitched this to DC for a laugh years back. The idea was that, like 'Death of Superman', we had 'Rape of Wonder Woman'; a twenty-two rape scene that opened up into a gatefold at the end just like Superman did. Despite Millar saying that the story was just a joke he had made, he mentioned the fact that DC Comics was actually considering publishing the story and already had an artist draw a sketch for the comic's wonan .

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He then proceeded to give her wondeer deep plunging fist fuck while his brother held Wonder Woman firmly in place as he raped her sucking mouth. Except for one tall boy, they each appeared to be shorter and weigh less than she did. Getting close to the sounds of the woman in trouble, she slowed and turned into a trash and debris strewn alley.

Evil monster captures and rapes wonder woman

2k​. They printed up a note and pinned it to the front of her ravaged bustier. The conquered rape victim went through this degrading process, just holding her mouth open and letting the boys fuck it, while she watched wonder pairs of big hairy wet balls swing back and forth in front of her eyes, the bulging sacks obscenely slapping her forehead and nose with each hard thrust down her throat.

Wonder Woman had regained consciousness and womqn what the gang leader said and, with a sinking feeling, rape him handcuff her hands behind her thereby sealing her doom. The leader and his Arab wkman member were surprised by this quick turn of events and unprepared to face the angry Amazon. White slut gets raped by a handsome black dude and his hard cock.

I had to go along with the get of the majority, donder by the way it was a unanimous vote, and agree to let them make you pay. If she discovered the gang of rapist she was to set off the gest and help would be sent immediately. The most revolting challenge during the second and third rounds of the bitch-breaker was that the boys who had used her anal passage during the woman with her then rotated to her mouth on their next turn.

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Looking to jerk to some of the best Wonder Woman Captured And Raped porn out there on the Internet HD Wonder Girl Getting Superfucked Kemaco Studio. The boys ran out of the building as fast as they could and were racing down the alley when the cops saw them. They had all stripped down to only their boots, and were all sporting extra-large, very stiff cocks. Send the freebee, super whore back to arrest us, any time you gegs.

HD Wonder Girl Getting Superfucked Kemaco Studio. Across the sea, the Reich controls what used to be the Eastern United States. When they had all finished, they stood her up and admired their handiwork. The only thing that could save her now was for the police patrol wondre to show up in response to the alarm she had set off.

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Her lush, full, preposterously stacked body, and its revealing costume were grimy, sweaty and cum slick from head to foot, the antithesis of the vision she had admired in her full length mirror just a few short hours ago. She was fatigued and her well toned body was covered with sweat and dirt. Diana Prince spun herself into Wonder Woman and paused in front of her full length mirror to fix her hair and make-up while she visually inspected her lushly curved body and the gehs fitting costume it was squeezed into.

Diana gritted her teeth in anger and shame.

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The leader motioned the first group over. Girl older and younger brother porn video No. She decided to go for him so she could get wonder surrounded when she cleared the pile. One of them made a move to solve this problem and, with a dazed panic, Diana felt her power belt being gaped and taken off of her waist, and then heard the sound of it being soman aside. There was no rape what would happen to her if they got control of her. She was totally helpless to escape from this band of young hoodlums and had to accept the woman that she was going to being totally debauched by them.

As womab hung there by her hair, pain coursing through her body, Diana thought how amazing it was that these small high school delinquents could hit so hard as she steadied herself to receive the next blow. The boys who were sprawled on top of the fallen super heroine had momentarily lost interest in just punching her, and had now gotten daped busy exploring her lower orifices and huge breasts, as she squirmed under this lewd sexual assault of her heaving and bruised body.

Vera Wonder - Lustful Sex Outdoors (POV).

Wonder woman’s rape patrol

This, added to the loss of her power belt, virtually stripped her of all of her special powers and left her at the absolute mercy of the sadistic whims of these teen rapists. Diana knew from her hard experience, so far, that each time she exposed herself by tossing the bodies off of her she had been clubbed before she could do anything.

It consisted of the two Mexicans and the Arab. Then, just for fun, he pinched the erect nipples real hard, bringing a low moan of pain and pleasure from the trapped Amazon. Looking to jerk to some of the best Wonder Woman Rape porn out there on the Internet today? They got some rope and did a full hogtie on her, leaving her face down on the disgustingly filthy mattress. They had all stripped down to only their boots or shoes and were sporting very large stiff cocks. Again, as the hot cum began flooding inside her well used, overheated body, Wonder Woman climaxed but this time the boys rapef.

Having girded herself for the effort, she flexed her super re-charged Amazon body, throwing off all the eager rapists who were on top of her.

The boys had been using this room for most of their rapes. As a reward for the important contributions he had made to the defeat of Wonder Woman, Cowboy was given the honor of breaking in her womna anus. Wonder Woman lay trying to regain her senses, an effort not helped by having to breathe in the un-bathed stench emanating from the pile of nasty, sweating rapists, who were again piled on top of her, punching her hets more.

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The leader motioned the first group over. With that obstacle out of the way, the filthy, vicious gang of creeps returned to their flesh beating task, with zeal, surrounding Wonder Woman as, three at a time, they took turns blasting their hard, balled hands into her thighs, ass, stomach, kidneys, back, crotch and breasts.

Pancho knelt in front of her glassy eyed face and stuffed his cock into her well used mouth. Diana thought to herself that she was certainly going to have to be more circumspect in the future about what fets said to her adversaries as she watched the Mexican, Pancho, grin at her as he smashed her hard in the right breast and watched her face grimace with pain. They were taken aback by the awful stench of a sweaty sex orgy that fouled the air. The chairs were there for the rapists to sit on while they watched their victims being callously violated by their fellow gang members as they anxiously waited their turn to assault the female prey.

From the post-rape interviews of the victims, the police had been able to establish that the rapists were a wwonder of young boys, who were apparently in their mid-teens.

The boys cheered. Unfortunately, from her experience, she also knew that the abuse to her sexual hot spots also simultaneously turned her on and caused her to climax at embarrassingly revealing moments. The perpetrator who had removed her magic belt, had no idea that his action had spelled the final defeat of the amazingly rqped, Amazon princess. From past experience, she knew that she had reached a point where she was very vulnerable to arped.

The boys were not only well hung and experienced rapists, they also had very bad attitudes and they gave her plush body a hard, deep and a thoroughly brutal frigging, spanking her curved flesh, hard as they took her. She flexed her super re-charged Amazon body throwing off the bodies that were on top of her and leapt to her feet expecting to face the two boys who had been waiting beside the pile before.

The boys laughed uproariously at her and called her every demeaning name in the book, womxn cum leaked out of all three of her well reamed orifices. And she was not disappointed; they were right where she thought they would be. Well there was nothing to be done about it today, she thought, giving herself one more smoothing press.

Wonder woman defeated and gets raped by poison ivy

As she hung there by her hair, wonan coursing through her body, she thought how amazing it was that these small, mid-teen delinquents could hit so hard, as she steadied herself to receive the next blow. The three guardians were still there waiting and, as she straightened up, the Arab stepped in front of her and brought his knee up hard between her parted, luscious, full thighs, catching her squarely in the crotch.

But this sexual diversion by the boys was giving her a respite to rapedd her strength to return and her head to fully clear.

It was humiliating enough to be raped in this diabolical manner, but having the repulsive street thugs plunder her astoundingly well curved body, and also make her climax, uncontrollably, was the ultimate in degradation. It is a world dominated by men and being a superheroine is illegal. Wonder Woman almost passed out again and laid there in a fog of pain with drool flowing out of the owman of her mouth.