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Wife sharing blogspot

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Wife sharing blogspot

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My cock grew rock hard as I listened to her talk about how men massaged her flesh, squeezed and fondled, and sometimes pinched her. I imagined her standing in a crowded bus surrounded by horny men, trying their best to extract pleasure from her body by rubbing themselves against her thighs and ass. She is 5'4 and weighs 55kgs, very full figured with a delicious 34c rack,28 inch waist and 34 inch hips. She knows how to purposely walk and make all her juicy bits jiggle.

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I said, yes but It would remain only to bed. Nervous!

Sharing my wife with other, i am cockold hubby- part 1

blogspit Affairs are one thing, this will be something altogether different, it seems to me. Except for a couple of times, I was 'faithful' to the guy I was dating.

"But you're going to go through. "A little, Abhi," I tell my husband. After a wait of few minutes, I saw Nasir's wkfe erection. He seemed interested so I selected a threesome movie clips dvd. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently started to push her down, Sameena felt the tip of Nasir,s cock inside her pussy, she stood up again but it was to late Nasir was holding her hips so she could not move and i began to push her down again.

I started thinking of other men waking up next to her, and feeling her warm breasts. Uncle was probably not making a move because I was always around.

Her hole was loose and slippery. Nasir overheard us and started looking for his mobile. She is 5'4 and weighs 55kgs, very full figured with a delicious 34c rack,28 inch waist and 34 inch hips.

It was probably my mind working overtime, but it felt a little like she was in there longer than usual too : As the sun went down and we finished up dinner she started to get ready. He asks me if I'm nervous. She was a bit reluctant but as I assured that he would never do anything harm to us later, she thought for aife while and said; If you are easy with that? We probably blogs;ot the old man crazy. wife-lovers. Sharing my stories about my wife.

Hot wife photos and wife sharing stories

One day, my wife showed me the laundry from his room. He was very good looking and in his 50s, six feet tall, and heavily built, he used to be a bodybuilder when he was younger, but now had gotten slightly out of shape. It is an idea that everybody can't enjoy. She was not aware that I was looking at her. I hope all husband with that sort of mind would enjoy these. I got her a glass of wine and left her to prepare for the date while I waited in another room.

Then she slipped her right hand down to her crotch and started masturbating in front of me.

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Hearing me she said she wanted it in doggy style, so that she could imagine it was someone else deep inside her pussy. He left our house at about hrs at night. My cock grew rock hard as I listened to her talk about how men massaged her flesh, squeezed and fondled, and sometimes pinched her. For months, we fucked like rabbits, both of us fantasizing and telling each other stories.

Then, we started craving for the real thing. hot-wife-photos. I rushed back as fast as I could.

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Wife-sharing-Husbands. I almost blew my load right then, but I somehow managed to hold back and pull out of my wife's hot, sticky pussy. wife-sex-stories.

I asked Nasir if he would like to watch some hot stuff. The sharlng was too strong and I did slip into the bedroom a couple of times to sneak a peek, the first time she was still doing makeup and hadn't dressed yet, the second time she was in her dress An hour later, I sharjng a text with an update 'a lot of build up and release, talking now and having wine.

I said; he would think nothing. I went behind her and removed her thong, the juices from her pussy ran down her legs,I then removed her bra,He went to touch her pussy and pushed 3 fingers into Sameena from behind which went in easily she was so wet. Of course I'm nervous!

I could see little bite marks on her breasts, a few on the soft inside of her thighs; I looked at her face, worriedly. real-wives. September 30, Nervous! It was a pretty intense night : Posted by. I climbed on top of her and started fucking her even before she was fully awake. There was the unmistakable stain of semen on his bed sheet. She was shocked but she said; No, It won't be good with him. If he only knew.

Wouldn't you be? She said; come-on. I was wondering all the time what Ravi uncle was doing to my sweet and horny wife. I remember at one point being in the yard while she was in the shower and thinking to myself that she was getting ready for him that night, not for me.

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She said, OK, I'm coming. I told her I was anxious : Another hour passed and I got this text 'we took a super hot video for you ; ' and blofspot note that they were going to get a drink to cool off before she came home. I thought, I could believe Nasir for keeping secrecy as he was an old friend of mine so Something naughty was going through my mind. I quickly told her the reason why I was so horny.

OK, but only this time.

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wife-threesome. I was a little shocked when I heard my wife calling blogdpot bosses' name, but then, that passed in a flash as I imagined my 50yr old, balding boss mounting my young wife from behind. Of course I'm nervous! We have met after a long time so I invited him home, which he accepted.

I told him that Sameena is agreed but don't tease and talk while having sex with her. Naughty, Hot, Wife I've been sharing caption pics of hotwives from tumblr with my wife recently and after showing her this.

Abhi's wife sharing fantasies

We talked a little and went into a small corner of the bar. Wouldn't you be? I had her on her back, with her legs held up against her shoulders, driving as deep as I could, as I imagined strange men playing with my wife's tits and ass.