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Sex shows in bangkok

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If you are easily offended or under 16 you maybe should stop here. Some sexual content documented throughout the blog.

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Somewhere behind me on stage a woman is doing something unbelievable with her vagina. She lit the 10 candles or so on the cake and on command she could pussy fart well enough that she could shoot her farts through the hollow tube and could blow out the candles on the cake with her pussy fart two at time.

Sex shows and shopping - patpong night market

The mama-san is pointing to a bucket of ping pong balls on stage and using a very liberal interpretation of the word "dance. If I had come straight from the U. Another activity is the shooting of goldfish into a bowl, or stuffing a large frog inside to see how long she can keep it in.

Patpong Night Market: Sex shows and shopping - See traveler reviews, candid photos, ahows great deals for Bangkok, Thailand, at Tripadvisor. This was just the total opposite.

Without saying babgkok word, she shoves a piece of paper towards me. Repeat performances. To prove this, they would show you a list of what the show offered, like an X-rated Broadway playbill. The next girl who came out had a string in her vagina and started pulling on it and plastic flower after plastic flower came out of her that also glowed in the black light.

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No dodgy scams, lovely hostess and entrance girls. During our trip we declined the drivers suggestions and took a look around the district for ourselves. Just as a warning. Again we all applauded their sporting prowess. A boy walked by selling lighters sxe projected a small image of two people fornicating — so you don't have to stop watching porn when smoking.


We left after about an hour and got into a taxi to go home. And then I looked around the room.

Brooke looks over my shoulder and immediately goes on the defensive. With this trade comes many cons and scams, particularly overcharging. There was one last trick when a performer unpopped a sealed bottle of Coca Cola, sucked it up inside her and then poured it back in, all with the use of her private parts. sfx

In the end we could laugh about the experience but it showss sad at the same time that these girls are turned into circus freaks and probably get very little pay while a fat bangkpk sitting at the bar continues to profit from our curiosity. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity has also done wonderful things for cats, like help them discover their love of milk or string. Whether it be for cheap sex, cheap booze or to meet a wife.

So you wanna see a thai sex show

No more! Brooke almost did.

Then a girl came out with a bottle of Pepsi in one of those old-fashioned ml glass bottles with the pop off metal lids, no twist offs. I had once ly encountered the wonders of a sex show in Thailand and I asked my girlfriend if she was interested in seeing one. Turns out you have to go out early for these things- banykok would have thought.

Overpriced but at least we survived with our legs shwos and without local police involvement! I argued again and told him that I knew the free drink came with the entrance fee. My sweet and innocent girlfriend looked at me in disbelief as she wondered if she was really going to see what she thought was to come.

Just get some curry and hit the sack. Hi there - does esx know if there's live sex shows other than ping pong shows in Bangkok?

Bangkok sex shows stripped bare

Earlier that day, Brooke and I had discussed the movie Brokedown Palace, ssex Claire Danes bangkkk a mildly attractive Sohws girl who is tricked by a cute boy into unwittingly trafficking narcotics. It was totally, ridiculously, outrageous. They were also wearing buttons with s on their uniforms so that all you had to do was look up, pick youand pay for your own personal indulgence.

She says that this is her bar and only she sets the prices. If you really want to see a show buy a proper ticket at real sex show venue. They are incredible- you can check out a video I took at one with that link. He removed her clothes. This isn't good. Next of the sex show was a girl who came out with a newspaper and danced around for a while. Right outside!

Bangkok sex shows stripped bare. the vagina monologues

Some women formerly engaged in factory work moved to Thailand's red-light districts and ended up working in shkws pong shows. I have to go to an ATM. Several upstairs bars still aex technically illegal sex shows, with women performing various creative acts which is what we came to see. Before the waitress left, we noticed that the menu had no prices.

Then pay bill! Be firm when you get the bill as in many cases they will drop the price.

Seeking people to fuck

Before I knew it, Brooke spotted a group of three Americans couples going into a sex show. Never be fooled by the folk on the street taking you in for bath. She decided we should follow them up the stairs. Thinking something like in Amsterdam that's mostly just sex. A male member of the audience may be brought onto the dance platform to hold a balloon while a dart is shot at it, or the performer may do a shoot around the table at balloons tied bamgkok each customer's chair.

Three women entirely lacking both attractiveness and enthusiasm meandered on stage half-naked, setting up for whatever the next act would be. With no expression of shock, we were off to see whatever a sex show was.

Brooke had the rest of our money in her shoulder bag. I have been to Thailand on a few occasions now and simply love the place, the people, weather, food and relaxed pace of life. But what exactly are they?