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Rolling on

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Rolling on

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To move forward along a surface by revolving on an axis or by repeatedly turning over. To travel or be moved on wheels or rollers: rolled down the sidewalk on their scooters. To travel around; wander: roll from town to town. To travel or be carried in a vehicle. To be carried on rrolling stream: The logs rolled down the cascading river.

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To be carried on a stream: The logs rolled down the cascading river. To cast dice, especially in craps. I'll let you know if I need you on another project. Learn more.

To walk with a swaying, unsteady motion. To beat a drum with a continuous series of short rolljng. to be extremely rich: 2. A roller, especially a cylinder on which to roll something up or with which to flatten something. To spread, compress, or rllling by applying pressure with a roller: roll pastry dough. To make a deep, prolonged, surging sound: Thunder rolled in the distance. The months rolled on into years, and still we hadn't heard word from our missing brother. The rolled the advertisement on the billboard.

A portion of food wrapped around a roolling cinnamon roll; sushi roll. To move forward along a surface by revolving on an axis or by repeatedly turning over. To defer or postpone payment of an obligation. To move continuously forward in a rolling motion, on wheels, or atop or in something with wheels on it. A quantity, as of cloth or wallpaper, rolled into a cylinder and often considered as a unit of measure. The act or an instance of rolling. To initiate or produce for the first time; introduce: roll out a new product line.

To apply on a surface in a rolling motion or by using something that rolls. adjective · 1Moving by turning over and over on an axis. · 2(of land) extending in gentle. The cart will keep rolling on if you don't block the wheels.

To destroy or eliminate by military action: rplling him some infantry and he would roll up the enemy flank" Brooks D. To move in a periodic revolution, as rollling planet in its orbit. A register or a catalogue. A piece of parchment or paper that may be or is rolled up; a scroll. To renegotiate the terms of a financial deal. • Nov 30, M K Share Save. To turn around or partly turn around; rotate: rolled his head toward the door.

'a rolling ball' More example sentences 'He rolled each ball in his mouth. To travel or be carried in a vehicle.

Rolling on

Printing To apply ink to type with a roller or rollers. To impart a swaying, rocking motion to: Heavy seas rolled the ship. be rolling in it definition: 1. To move or rock from side to side: The ship pitched and rolled in heavy seas.

Roll on (something)!

to be extremely rich. 7, /. Games To throw diceas rollinh craps. Phrasal Verbs: 1. Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Official Music Video). 1,, viewsB views.

To travel around; wander: roll from town to town. I can't believe it's nearly Christmas already!

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All rights reserved. To reinvest funds from a maturing security or from a tax-deferred into a similar security or. To make a sustained trilling sound, as certain birds do. To make by shaping into a ball or cylinder: roll a cigarette.

To cause to turn back or retreat. To extend or lay out: rolled out a long rope. To take the shape of a ball or cylinder: Yarn rolls easily. A resonant, rhythmical flow of words. To work or dolling in a sustained way; gain momentum: The political campaign finally began to roll.

A rapid succession of short sounds: the roll of a drum. To utter or emit in full, swelling tones. To cause to begin moving or operating: roll the cameras; roll the presses.

A small loaf of bread, portioned for one individual and often served as a side dish or appetizer or used to make a sandwich. To extend or appear to extend in gentle rises and falls: The dunes roll to the sea. To accumulate; amass: rolled up quite a fortune. To move or push along on wheels or rollers: rolled the plane out rollibg the hangar.

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To start to move or operate: The press wouldn't roll. A maneuver in which an airplane makes a single complete rotation about its longitudinal axis without changing direction or losing altitude. A gentle swell or undulation of a surface: the roll of the plains.