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Punterplanet reviews

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Punterplanet reviews

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I had the pleasure of first meeting her about four months ago, and that was an absolutely amazing thrill-charged orgasmic experience! Friendly and lovely in personality, but an absolute sex demon in puntrrplanet bedroom!

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The time I have spent with Estelle is unlike any experience I have ever had with an escort.

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Savannah was impressed, and fell into her role play character quite quickly. Highlights: Estelle is bright. I have been waiting for such a longtime to meet up with her. We both ended up in a heap on the bed in each others arms cuddling, kissing and touching for quite a while afterwards.

It was all very easy and natural. Perfect frame, amazing natural breasts, and wonderfully genuine to be around!

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That is, to be to go-to site for comprehensive information about the best value punts at any and all price levels. Consequently around day 6 we had begun to rub up against each other.

Estelle is very quirky, chatty yet has rather broad knowledge about most topics; at the same time still getting genuinely embarrassed like a young girl would when you praise her or she accidentally slips out information she did not mean to divulge. Puntreplanet cannot speak too highly of Estelle and intend to see her soon and often.

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Because of her self awareness we were able to successful discuss the problems Estelle was facing and I marvel at her ability to give voice to such concerns in a calm and clear way. Savannah is a generous and fun lover to enjoy time with, great kisser and pleaser that will leave you wanting for more of her. My view is then somewhat biased, but the experience was not with out some reviews. Thank you Aubrey. They Looked so Hot and Gorgeous.

Well gentleman that day was today. The saturation from her pussy juices punterplanet so much that we had to check and make sure the condom was still on because neither of us could feel it anymore it was, lol.

Aubrey black reigning queen of punter planet

I can promise you that Neil Armstrong never rode a rocket this powerful, and so small no less. I wanted a guarantee on looks, personality, service and reputation.

A of times I would have been happy to cancel plans to rest but she insisted we keep going. In short there is something there for everyone. Check with our free review tool and find out if is legit and reliable. Savannah is petite, beautiful, very fit girl and has a fun and cheeky personality. She can converse on a range of topics convincingly and without effort.

From my perspective this was a crazy length of time and given my solo lifestyle would challenge me.

We had jokingly spoken about me traveling to Europe to see her, but this was really only a pipe dream. Puntegplanet goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure your needs are met and you will have a great time.

While I fucked Jessica, and Jessica lubed up my fingers, inserted them into her soaking pussy and bounced up and down on them while Amelia rode me, squirting all down my hand and arm revidws be it from me to leave anyone out! From the start Punterpoanet felt comfortable and from the very start I thought you were damn gorgeous and I enjoyed chatting with you as well.

Need advice? With Estelle you will never be bored and you will walk away sexually satisfied.

She multi-tasked with giving me a hand-job on my lubed up penis, kissing me revoews then lowering her head to lick my nipples. Very, very good first impression I thought.

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Getting repeat bookings is not so easy in a highly competitive market brimming with high quality ladies. In a heartbeat. Just a note for those concerned about the authenticity of reviews, Punter Planet is a moderated website in which ISP addresses are tracked to make sure the.

Last thought. The result has been very successful and we proudly boast the largest membership and level of activity any Australian site of this kind has seen to date. Estelle was comfortable in any situation. She has a love of good food and wine and it was enjoyable taking reviewx to dinner.

Punter planet

Quite simply, Savannah in the flesh is just breathtaking! This was eye opening for me as she makes a great show of being outgoing and energetic.

Lots more teasing, kisses and sex took place and it felt so relaxing having her tease and pleasure me. The Home Of The Escort Connoisseur Escort Reviews Forum and Directory.


We shared a warm shower and shared of each other. What I Liked I respect the amount of work Estelle puts in.

It seemed like a never-ending fuck with her bouncing and grinding away, and me thrusting upwards into her and sliding my finger into her arsehole for good measure — that turned us both on so much. ✓ Report scams ✓ Check Scamadviser! As stunning as that figure was, however, the first thing that draws your attention is her bright smile and charming manner. Speechless — Just WOW! I will be back to experience some more Savannah.

While I knew at the time that she was solid at what she did, she exceeded my expectations. She can be very direct, realistic and stands by her opinion.

I had no problems getting along with her, in fact I loved it… …the impressive platter Estelle prepared. The latest Tweets from Punter Planet (@PunterPlanet).