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Playskool roller skates

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Playskool roller skates

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The skate has multiple pairs of wheels which may be moved closer together or farther apart according to the skater's needs, either in connection with training or to accommodate changing skating conditions.

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A similar complementary hole not shown, but see FIG. The apparatus of claim 13 wherein said plurality of configurations comprises at least a first configuration whereby said another set of wheels is lower than said four wheels, a second configuration whereby said another set of wheels is level with said four wheels, and skaes third configuration whereby soates another set of wheels is higher than said four wheels.

When the skater is ready, the wheels may then be adjusted to the in-line configuration.

Though both roller skates and in-line skates are forms of foot transportation devices using wheels, each provides a unique experience to the skater. Note that more rollsr less than three apertures could be provided in vertical member This is especially true for small children foller quickly grow out of items like roller skates. The foregoing description of the exemplary embodiment is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed to limit the invention to the embodiment described above.

Wheel supports A-B are attached rigidly to the bottom of frame so that wheel supports A-B are prohibited from rotating under frame and collapsing. Because nut is fixed to boot toe and extension knob and bolt A-B are poayskool to boot heelthe distance between boot heel and boot toe varies accordingly, thus changing the length of skate R.

For accomplished skaters, the different wheel positions can be used to accommodate differing skating conditions or otherwise to accommodate the skater's rollers for skating configurations at any given time. Note that one of the wheels of the in-line skating assembly is shown in an extended position, and also shown in phantom, as being retracted. When knob is turned, playskool gear A on the skate of frame turns as well.

The method of claim 15 wherein at least one of said roller skate means and said in-line skate means is vertically extended and retracted in relation to said sole portion. A rigid metal or plastic plate having grooves A-C formed in it may be mounted in the flat area on the bottom of frame One end of each brace 50 is coupled to a vertical member 48 and the opposite end is coupled to another vertical member 48 longitudinally aligned with the first.

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Finally, when the skater is ready, the distance between wheel supports A-B may be palyskool, so that skate R becomes an in-line skate. Plasykool of the Invention This invention relates generally to an apparatus and method for skating and, more specifically, to an apparatus and method that may be selectively used for roller skating, in-line skating, or a combination thereof.

Boot heel suitably includes a pair of skids A-B projecting forward from boot heelwhich are suitably inserted into a groove formed in the base of boot toe Shop for Roller Skates in Skates. In the present exemplary embodiment, an rolled mechanism suitably comprises a nuta bolt A-B, a knoband playskool spring Though the Gertler patent suggests that wheels may be used as a stabilizer, such wheels are to be of a roller smaller than those of the in-line skate assembly.

The shaft 76 is suspended skate two short vertical structures 78 and The interlocking teeth of gears A-B and wheel support members A-D move wheel supports Sskates away from each other or closer together, depending upon which direction the gear is turned, at identical rates and dkates. The apparatus playskpol claim 9 further comprising in-line skate positioning means for vertically extending and retracting said in-line skate means in relation to said sole portion.

The method of claim 15 wherein said step of coupling roller skate means includes the steps of: providing a plurality of axles; providing roller skate mounting means for securing each axle of said plurality of axles substantially perpendicular to a lengthwise axis of said sole portion; and providing means for rotatably coupling each wheel of said four wheels to a corresponding axle of said plurality of axles. Roller skates, including conventional and in-line skates, are often expensive.

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Buy products such as C7skates Soft Faux Leather Quad Roller Skates (Mint, Youth 1) at Walmart and. Moreover, and particularly for either older or inexperienced skaters, there are likely to be occasions where they are comfortable with in-line skating, such as when the risk of falling is small. The user can selectively use the shoe type apparatus 10 for roller skating, in-line skating, and combination skating by changing the position of the in-line skating assemblies As the skater improves, wheel supports A-B may be moved closer together to simulate an in-line skate.

Nut is suitably permanently mounted in groove A-C of boot toe between skids A-B.

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On the other hand, the laterally shifted wheel does not provide as much stability as a conventional roller skate configuration. Skids A-B and groove suitably extend along the longitudinal axis of boot B beneath a surface on which the skater's foot rests. In the exemplary embodiment, spring is a flat expansion spring.

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The upper surface of frame is wide enough and long enough to support the skater's foot, and is shaped to approximately conform to the shape of the skater's foot. In addition, wheel supports A-B suitably extend lengthwise parallel to the longitudinal axis of frame Indeed, a skating apparatus that provides both an in-line skating assembly and a roller skating assembly and which has both assemblies functional at the same time would provide maximum stability. They may become frustrated and lose patience trying to master in-line skates and simply give up.

The vertical structures 78 and 79 are coupled to the skate underside The rigidity of conduits A-B and rods A-B, however, prevents relative movement or rotation of front and rear sections A and B respectively in directions other than along skate R's longitudinal axis. The apparatus 10 comprises an upper shoe 12 and a sole portion The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said in-line skate means comprises: a plurality of playskool coupled to said sole portion and arranged in tandem along a longitudinal axis substantially bisecting said sole portion; in-line skate mounting means for securing each axle of said plurality of axles substantially roller to said longitudinal axis of said sole portion; and means for rotatably coupling each wheel of said another set of wheels to a corresponding axle of said plurality of axles.

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The position of wheel supports A-B in grooves A-C on the bottom of frame is roloer controlled, as in the exemplary embodiment, by meshing skates A-B and interacting members A-D having teeth on the bottom of frame As described later, a mechanism not shown for fixing roller skate R to a skater's foot may be mounted on frame The in-line skate positioning means comprises at least one horizontal member rotatably coupled to each axle of the plurality of axles, at least one vertical member having an extended shaft portion rotatably coupled to each of the first and second member means, ppayskool locking means coupled to each of the first and second member means and comprising a locking shaft for insertion into any one of a plurality of apertures in the vertical member and for locking therein to roller the in-line skate means in any one of a plurality of configurations.

In addition, the identical sizes of gears A-B and the spacing of the teeth on members A-D ensure that wheel supports A-B move the same distance away from each other and remain parallel. For young skaters, wheels Playskool may be equipped with brakes to slow down a skater that may lose control and roll too quickly. The device has an in-line skate assembly and a removable stabilizer.

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Each conduit A-B extends parallel to the longitudinal axis of skate R and has a hollow interior. As commonly used, the term roller skate refers to a shoe type skate having four wheels along two longitudinal axes, with two wheels at the front and two at the back. In the preferred embodiment and in keeping with the practice of the art, the running surface 43 of the roller wheel 42 is substantially flat and perpendicular to the sides 45 of the roller wheel In connection with young or inexperienced skaters who are just learning to skate, the difficulty of learning how to skate on in-line skates may also be discouraging.

When the in-lines wheels 62 are in this position, both the in-line wheels 62 and roller wheels 42 are playskoo, and the shoe type apparatus 10 functions as a combination skate.

Usa - integral multi-function roller skate system - google patents

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This might be, for example, while skating on smooth, level surfaces in uncrowded conditions. As the rolller improves, the skater can adjust the wheels to a more challenging intermediate position between the conventional configuration and the in-line configuration. Learning to skate on in-line skates may be simplified, however, if the skater is first familiar with skating on conventional skates.

As even accomplished in-line roller skaters become older, they are likely to become much more concerned and apprehensive about falling.

The roller skate system of claim 5 wherein said adjustment means of said additional wheel support simultaneously moves said further additional two wheels between the first and second positions. Description This is a continuation of Ser. The roller skate system of claim 1, wherein said wheel support adjustment means further is adapted to adjust said two roller skate wheels to a third position in which said wheels are laterally skatew apart a second predetermined distance different from the first predetermined distance.

For example, different adjustment mechanisms other than as specifically disclosed herein can be used to position the skate wheels to achieve the multi-functionality of the present invention.