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I requested over and over to stop the charges that I found another Lawyer uprighf would help my case i did not want to go forward with UpRight Law services.

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I waited months with no reply. When she heard my discontent with that, she reassured me they will get it out to me ASAP. Bridge Legal Technology is the legal software firm that built the client portal ny Upright Law, their premier client.

Usability testing

A client portal. Our team wanted to explore how user feedback lined up with what Jocelyn, Matt, and our subject matter experts told us. He described the clients as not tech savvy mmy requiring everything to be self-explanatory with simple calls to action. Presumably, providing Upright Law clients with control and up-to-date information on their payments would allow them to take ownership of their financial futures in the long run.

Get direct access to Upright Law through official links provided below.

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Jocelyn gave us access to a demo for the existing client portal. UpRight Law agreed to take former client's case based on the information that he provided.

Our team felt that the users were not being taken into consideration with the key performance indicators. Upright Law gives bankruptcy filers a place to track their progress and contact credible professionals. They were attentive to all my needs, which lower my anxiety. I requested over and over to stop the charges that I found another Lawyer that would help my case i did not want to go forward with UpRight Law services.


I would definitely recommend Puright Law Firm. Upon cancellation, URL returned former client the unearned fees per his bankruptcy agreement. In order to best understand if our concepts were going in the right direction, we dissected our problem and created guiding questions at a high level. Our Concepts Ideation Insight 1: When asked what they would add to the current client portal, most users wanted to know where they are in the bankruptcy process and what documents they would need by when.

De We explored impactful de patterns in several products outside of legal software for inspiration. Over the course of representation URL was given new information which suggested that former client did not qualify for bankruptcy.

What are user opportunities that have yet to be identified? URL continued to represent, and did not charge additional fees from that point forward, in hopes that former client would qualify for bankrupty at a later date.

Matt, the VP of product, suggested a payment timer that would notify users the time they have left to pay before their case closes in order to motivate them to pay. We took an initial look at the portal to grasp the concept and feel of the product.

Through affinity mapping, we were able to better visualize the patterns and insights from m research. Thanks again!! I will take my case to BAR association and the board of ethics committee. Journey Tracker Step by step bankruptcy guidance Key Features. You had no right accepting my case and charging me outrageous fees for a service you would never be able to provide.

But that little voice inside told me too keep on looking for a lawyer, and when I found and WHO is WLLING to allow me to pay in payments for the remaining costs of the bankruptcy, I called Upright Law, left a message with the rep to whom I spoke with and told him that I am going to cancel our arrangement because I just could not afford their payment arrangements, and do you know that rep that so easily got me to go with the company NEVER gave me and call back to find out why I was cancelling.

Nothing was filed I never met with an attorney. Clients all shared a proactive attitude laa completing their bankruptcy filing as well as frustrations from being harassed by creditors.

What happens with my credit card debt or any unsecured debt upon bankruptcy discharge? My expenses had changed and I changed jobs.

Powered by Zendesk. Upright Law stands in the middle of the competitor pool.

Case closed I hope because I never want to hear from or deal with these people ever again as long as I live. Go to Upright Law via official link alw.

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The scammed me and they did not count on me educating myself and following through with these actions. MyChart is a medical mobile app that provides users with medical records, scheduled appointments,and doctor-client messaging. We have nothing further to add to this matter. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment.

UpRight Law is not holding the funds the client indicated, as he disputed the charges with the bank and we ultimately declined to fight the dispute. We identified the opportunity to increase the flexibility for payment changes and access resources. Billing is included on the app, and you can also dial in with credit card info. By providing immediate legal help to people with limited means, even when they cannot afford to pay for legal services today, we advance these values.

Once individuals become UpRight Law clients, they go through an initial pre-filing payment period, during which there are few touch points between UpRight Law and the new client, unless they call in.

Their current long term goal is to create one-​stop. What will happen to my credit score?

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We used these questions to generate concept-specific inquiries that would help us further understand the needs of the users and how we could diverge. The success of Upright Law comes from its attorneys and the virtual platform. They said they only cut checks on Friday and they are in a backlog and they apologize for not getting my money back. Payments Questions How do I cancel a payment?