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Best looking italian man

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Best looking italian man

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A post shared by Mariano Di Vaio marianodivaio on May 16, at am PDT Based on an international survey on what makes men attractive, Italian men are considered the most handsome in the entire world! Even though Italy was not one of the countries being polled, Italian men were still considered to be the best looking! According to the survey, some of the characteristics that make men attractive include wearing cologne and having a nice smile. Many women also expressed their feelings of attraction towards men who dress well.

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Most of them are generous only for compliments; they are quite avaricious on gifts.

They like to talk for a long time and still say nothing. David Patrick Boreanaz 16 May - American actor.

Kim Rossi Stuart 31 October - Italian film actor. Giulio Berruti 27 September — Italian actor. Riccardo Scamarcio 13 November - Italian actor.

Kim Rossi Stuart. They are characterized bestt a very pleasant and romantic. Italian men of different regions differ markedly from each other, especially in the north and south. Fabio Cannavaro 13 September - Italian footballer. There are all equal.

Top hot italian men. photo gallery

They are very jealous. Valerio Foglia Manzillo 3 February - Italian actor. Terence Hill 29 March - actor of Italian descent. Girls can often hear compliments from men on the streets - "Bellissima"!

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Alessandro Del Piero 9 November - Italian footballer. Gabriel Garko 12 July - Italian actor and former model. Stefano Accorsi. Men here are real connoisseurs of female beauty, they prefer to admire it and do not hide this fact.

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Men in Italy are very venturesome, all kinds of lotteries, bedt machines, casino, and now online casinos are very jan among them. In the north live the cynics and pragmatists, while in the south - extroverts and philanthropists. They like to look at beautiful girls, even if they are dressed up like nuns. His emotional feelings make him loosing a head. A woman is a symbol of beauty and motherhood for all men in this country.

Italian men really care of themselves and look even better than some women. Let us remember the image of Romeo at the Juliet's balcony - here he is! Raffaello Balzo.

Italian men voted best looking men in the world for

Against the background of the larger European neighbors Italian men differ a lot with their mobility and smiling, showing the superiority of quality, and rather quality over quantity. In addition to women there are three great passions in lives of the most Italian men: food, family and sports.

It is normal for them to live with parents up to 40 years. Raffaello Balzo 18 March - Italian actor and model.

Italian men voted best looking in the world

Patrizio Buanne 20 September - Italian singer. Edoardo Costa 7 August - Italian former model, actor and businessman 7. Their white shirts are really white, mostly they prefer to choose a wardrobe by themselves. His is a kind of not too tall passionate brunette.

Hot italian men

Clint Mauro - American model and actor. Parents here are sacred. The first look so-so and sometimes create traffic congestion, because they can not take off a look of walking girls.

Italian man in love is insane in a good way. Italian men temperament What can we say about Italian male in love?

Luca Argentero 12 April - actor. Daniele Liotti 1 April - Italian actor. A post shared by Mariano Di Vaio marianodivaio on May 16, at am PDT Mman on an international survey on what makes men attractive, Italian men are considered the most handsome in the entire world!

29 tall, dark, and handsome reasons to feel the italian love

The second ones are stylish and brutal, and females turn around to look at them - whether to admire their bodies or to examine their accessories. But this description is more suitable for southerners. No mn almost all Italian males like love songs, and most of them are about unrequited love and broken heart. Fabrizio Bucci 19 October - Italian actor of theater, film and television. Iatlian is no concept of a female housewife.