On this website, you will find information about the TEMPEST research project. TEMPEST is funded by the FP7 research program, theme health, of the European Community and will run for four years (2009-2013). TEMPEST is an acronym for ‘Temptations to Eat Moderated by Personal and Environmental Self-regulatory Tools’ and that is exactly what the project is about.

We are a team of researchers from nine European countries, trying to find out what children and adolescents themselves can do about their eating patterns and their weight status. Given that our food environment is ‘obesogenic’ (that is, it contributes to the development of obesity) and full of opportunities to eat palatable foods anywhere and any time of day, taking responsibility for food intake is a big challenge.

In five studies, each of them conducted in a number of countries, we will address such questions as what exactly the concept of ‘taking responsibility for food intake’ entails, how can parents and teachers help to increase children’s and adolescents’ responsibility for food intake, and what kind of environments support healthy food choices?





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